Funding Stages

These are the stages where we come in as Investors. Although each startup is different in its own way, your startup plan should take you through these key stages of development. Keep these stages at the forefront of your mind as you're planning the future of your startup.

Idea development

Ideas are a dime a dozen in the business world. It takes considerable effort to take a good idea and develop it into a workable foundation for a successful business model.

Prototype MVP

Verifying that an idea or concept is actually desirable to consumers is a necessity. Developing a minimum viable product or prototype is arguably the fastest way to know a company is moving in the right direction.

Product Validation

Almost all companies begin with minimal resources to accomplish their goals. Validating that the product is a fit for the proposed market is a necessity to avoid squandering those limited resources.

Product release

Using customer feedback to refine the product, a company releases a full-scale version to the target market. It is important to create a launch plan, set a launch date and hit that launch date and meet that date if at all possible.


Growth may be unpredictable, especially at first, but it is possible to demonstrate market traction and to have scaling goals. A company should work hard to scale quickly while maintaining stability.


The ultimate goal of all startups – reaching a point where growth is no longer questionable. The demand is there and the company is meeting it.

Our typical investment ranges from $25K to $250K, regardless of location and stage.


Barelli Brothers is based out of New York, our investor network actively funds startup businesses, regardless of stage and location. Focusing on investments ranging from $25K to $250K, we deliver promising startups the capital they need when they need it most.
Our company also serves as an incubator (accelerator) that can give companies the insight and guidance necessary to be successful. We can contribute as CTO, Advisor, Consultant and Co-Founder. Our incubator services include access to a team that can assist with:

– Idea development
– Wireframing
– Process flow charts
– User flow design
– Defining business KPIs metrics to be tracked from launch date
– Usability testing with focus groups
– Web and phone app development and maintenance


We are interested in all types of technology related ideas. Here are some industries we have invested in.

– Real Estate
– Social Network
– SaaS
– Online Education
– Lottery
– Social Crowd Game
– Dating
– E-Commerce

If you would like to learn more about what our company can do for your startup, including our selection criteria, please contact us now.


Barelli Brothers is a network of private investors & advisors who can fund your idea.
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